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Bulky waste

Get your bulky waste picked up - it's easy and free

Bulky waste is your broken household goods.

Your bulky waste will be picked up for free at your front door. You just have to book a pick-up in advance on this page. And you need to have an address in the city of Aarhus.

If your stuff can be reused by others, then please pass them on.

Get your bulky waste collected

How to order pick-up for your bulky waste

  1. Order the truck for pick-up. In the booking, you will get information about when the truck will be at your place.
  2. Sort small items in clear bags/sacks. Bundle up large cardboard items. Mark bikes, pushchairs, and prams with “Storskrald” (bulky waste in Danish).
  3. Place the bulky waste outside of where you live. At the earliest the evening before. At the latest by 6 am on the day of pick up.

Note: The booking system is in Danish.

Which items do we pick up?

What is bulky waste?

Bulky waste is your broken household goods like for example:

E.g. tables, chairs, beds, and rugs.

E.g. a toaster, radio, and toys with batteries.

White goods
E.g. a broken washing machine or dishwasher.

Iron and metal (small metal items)
E.g. pots, cutlery, barbecues, and bikes.

E.g. buckets with remains from painting, varnish, and glue.

Batteries and aerosol cans
E.g. hair spray, household-, tool-, and car batteries.

E.g. plastic foil, plastic lids, - containers and - bottles.

PVC products
E.g. bathing pools, armbands, and rubber boots.

Cardboard items
E.g. storage boxes, large cardboard boxes and corrugated paper.

Small things and painting must be placed in transparent plastic bags. Bundle up large cardboard items. Mark bikes, pushchairs, and prams with “Storskrald” (bulky waste in Danish).

What is not bulky waste?

Items which can be reused by others


Garden waste

Toilets, sinks, and tubs

Broken bricks, tile, and mortar

Doors and windows

Glass and mirrors

Fluorescent tubes and light bulbs

Residual waste

You can hand in these items at the recycling station - except for residual waste. Your residual waste must be disposed in the waste container by your home.

Donate to reuse

Your bulky waste will not be reused. It's waste.

The more we reuse, the less natural resources we need to produce something new. Reuse is good for the planet.

If you have bits and bobs which others can make use of, then consider handing it in for Genbrug (Reuse) at the recycling station, at Nærgenbrugsstationen in Aarhus C, in Bytteboxen or at a thrift store.

Or give it away on the internet.

What happens to your bulky waste?

Bulky waste is waste and is handled as such. 

It is crushed to bits and pieces. Then valuable materials, for example metals, are sorted out and used for making new metal.

The rest of it is incinerated and becomes district heating in your radiator.

Bulky waste is recycled, but not reused.

Reuse and recycling are not the same

When you give your bike to your neighbour, then your neighbour will use it again as a bike. The bike is reused.

However, when you give your bike for recycling, for example by giving it away as bulky waste, then it will be divided in all its elements, for example aluminium, iron, and plastic. Those materials will then be melted down and used to make completely different items of.

Therefore, recycling is more demanding than reusing and this is why we must reuse as much as possible.

However, when bits and bobs cannot be (re)used anymore, it is important that we recycle as much as possible.

Do you know the difference between reuse and recycling?