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Visit REUSE 

REUSE is centre for reuse and circular economy in Aarhus.

At REUSE you can hand in items and furniture for others to pick up for free.

REUSE is a different kind of recycling station where bits and bobs get a second chance instead of going to waste.

The free stuff you find at REUSE come from you

Hand in at REUSE
No matter where in the city of Aarhus you live, you can hand in useful bits and bobs at REUSE during opening hours. There is short-term parking at REUSE.

Hand in for REUSE at the recycling stations
You can find a special REUSE container at all six recycling stations in Aarhus. The items you put in the containers will go to REUSE and be placed on the shelves here.

Give away what you got and take what you need

REUSE is from you to you

Bring or take as much as you can carry

Whether you drop off or pick up items at REUSE, you must be able to unload or transport it home by yourself.

The staff are not required to unload or carry items in and out of the site.

If you find something large at REUSE, you can borrow a cargo bike to carry it home.

Ask the staff how it works.

Borrow a cargo bike for free

At REUSE you find an area with lots of different activities and events about reuse and waste minimisation.

You can e.g. get assistance in repairing your bike, make flowerpots or funny costumes for carnival of recycled materials.

Take a look on all upcoming events on REUSE’s Facebook page.

Upcoming events at REUSE

Want to know more about REUSE?

Do you want to know where all the stuff at REUSE come from? How REUSE differ from other recycling stations in Aarhus? And get a glimpse behind the scenes?

Watch this video to get it all in just 5 minutes.

For English subtitles please click the CC-buttom and choose 'English'.

Are you also passionate about reuse and redesign?

As a volunteer at REUSE you will:

  • Develop and arrange workshops and events.
  • Expand your network.
  • Get inspired and learn more about reuse and recycling.
  • Spread your commitment and excitement about reuse, upcycling, redesign or what you are passionate about.

We are having volunteer meetings regularly, where we are brainstorming, arranging and planning our activities. 

Do you want to be a volunteer?

Please send an e-mail to Peter Christensen, the coordinator at REUSE: petch@kredslob.dk

Unge laver kreative upcycling projekter på REUSE

REUSE offers to collect reused items for events in organisations and institutions. REUSE has lots of things which are ready for use again.

That is why we would love to collect special items for your cultural event, theatre play and so on. We have, among other things, collected props for Aarhus Teater and furniture for Tall Ships Races.

Do you have an idea? Contact us and we will get back to you.

Apply for a collection of items

Host your activities at REUSE

Are you joining a volunteer group or organisation? Or do you have an idea about reuse, redesign and upcycling you would like to try out? Use REUSE! Here, you can:

  • Get the opportunity to hold your events.
  • Collect reused things for your activity.
  • Connect your activity with other social networks and groups.

Please send your idea in an e-mail to Peter Christensen, who is coordinator at REUSE: petch@kredslob.dk 


Parking: Short-term parking is possible at REUSE, but it is recommended to walk or go by bike.


Jægergårdsgade 170 
DK-8000 Aarhus C

Opening hours:
Every day 12-17
Tuesday 12-20

Open in weekends and public holidays
Closed on December 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st and January 1st