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Welcome to your recycling station

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 7.00-18.00
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 10.00-17.00

December 24th, 25th, 26th and 31th plus January 1st.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

At the recycling stations you will find different containers for different kinds of waste.

The signs and staff at the recycling stations will guide you on how to sort your waste.

Also you can look up specific kinds of waste in our sorting list. It's in Danish, but hopefully Google Translate (or a Danish friend) can help you out.

How to sort waste at the recycling station

Find your local recycling station

Sintrupvej 57
8220 Brabrand


Birkegårdsvej 8
8361 Hasselager


Ølstedvej 38
8200 Aarhus N


Holmskovvej 66
8340 Malling


Lystrupvej 190
8240 Risskov


Eskelundvej 13
8260 Viby J


Give your things one more chance

Choose between two containers for reuse

The REUSE container

The items will go to REUSE at Sydhavnen where they will be handed away for free.

REUSE is also centre for projects and activities about recycling and circular economy in Aarhus.

Read about REUSE

The BRUGSTING container

⚠ In Brabrand this container is currently closed.

“Foreningen Brugsting” is a confederation of volunteer associations which manage flea markets and second-hand shops.
Items from this container are sold on flea markets and in second-hand shops. The money goes to charity and  local associations.


Donate to charity

What happens to the waste from the recycling stations?

The waste you hand in at the recycling station, are recycled in the best possible ways.

Almost 90 % of the up to 145,000 tonnes of waste delivered to the recycling stations each year are reused in one way or another.

Our waste is everyone's responsibility. Let's help each other. For the environment, for the planet and for the future.

Are you curious about what happens to the last 10 %?

9 % becomes district heating in the incinerator. The last small residue must be deposited.

Please follow these 10 rules to ensure that everyone has a nice visit at the recycling station.

How to act at the recycling stations