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10 rules at the recycling stations

The recycling station must be a safe place for everyone to get rid of waste easily and efficiently.

At the recycling station, we help each other with sorting the waste to recycle as much as possible.

Please follow these 10 rules to ensure a nice visit at your recycling station.

01. Sort your waste

Look at the signs and please ask the personnel. The better we sort, the better we can recycle.

02. Be prepared

You must load your waste off by yourself and tidy up. Bring along your own tools.

03. Use transparent plastic bags

It makes it easier for the personnel to help you sort the waste. Black plastic bags are prohibited.

04. Leave residual waste at home

It's not allowed to deposit kitchen waste and other kinds of residual waste at the recycling stations. You can dispose your residiual waste in the waste bin or container at your home. The type of bin you have, depends on where you live.

05. No cars who demand a license in the category C-E

Total weight is maximum 3,500 kg. including trailer.

06. Totting is prohibited

Do not pick up items from the containers. We will make sure that it is recycled.

07. Follow the personnel’s instructions

The personnel are there to help you. If you do not follow the rules, the personnel can dismiss you from the recycling station.

08. You must live in the municipality of Aarhus

You must be able to show this with for example a health insurance card.

09. Smoking is prohibited

It is not allowed to smoke at the recycling station.

10. Take good care of your children at the recycling station

There are reversing cars with trailers and large machines being operated with poor visibility. Exciting for many children, but it can also be dangerous.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Genbrugsstation med sorteringscontainere og pladsmedarbejdere